Sunday, 9 January 2011


For the 2011 season and, I hope many more, I have pinned my allegiance to 'Gruppo Sportivo Gazetta' - an international cycling club and brain child of the Simon Lamb (of La Gazetta Della Bici fame - or should that be infamy? A true tifosi if ever there was one.)

A wonderful aspect of G. S. GAZZETTA is...


FONDAZIONE GAZZETTA is a fundraising foundation linked to GRUPPO SPORTIVO GAZZETTA. The development process of young cyclists can take several years and requires significant resources and the biggest barrier for young people in sport is the lack of available funding. The primary objective of FONDAZIONE GAZZETTA is to raise money to support the development of young cyclists identified as potential top international athletes. Money raised by the FONDAZIONE GAZZETTA will be used to provide these young people with the material needed to help develop their full potential.
G. S. GAZZETTA has also forged strong links with the hugely important mental health charities MIND and RETHINK. As someone who has witnessed the effects of unacknowledged and un-supported mental health problems this is an area of increasing importance to me personally. It is also vital that individuals and society learn more about the mental health issues that may be met in everyday life as this should, one hopes, lead to less of a fearful and knee-jerk reaction to those afflicted with such diseases. Stop ostracising and start accepting. A perception change is all it takes - you may not be able to alter the behaviour you may witness but you can alter the way you think about it.
Other G. S. GAZZETTA Links...
Here's a link to Simon's webpage/Blog... If you have any interest in Italian cycling then this is the place for you. He also produces superb massage oil and embrocation - I speak from personal experience here; brilliant stuff.

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  1. With all due respect, I suspect that not many people are going to be riding with that kit in Tuscany in summer, or in the evening anywhere.