Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A 2nd Classic Lightweight Racing bike: A Krabo with Campagnolo

A late 70's to early 80's 'Krabo' from from Bochum.

An absolute dream machine made by the frame builder par excellence, Günter Krautscheid. Purchased from Leslie 'The Historian' Reissner of Tin Donkey and RSV Vagabund '13 infamy. For a most generous 'team mate' price too, I must add. Many thanks LR.

A full bike review to come but in the meantime enjoy some rather dark photographs.

 Full Campagnolo Chorus groupset.  The rims (Ofmega) are also made by Campagnolo, which is interesting for that time. I have made a solemn oath not to drag the clips as they are fragile and, I'm told, almost impossible to replace.  They are the only style clips that will fit the Chorus pedals, so I have been be warned!
As far The Historian can tell, the Chorus groupset with Syncro II shifters dates from around 1988/89

Any information on the bike and its components would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Time to take some better outdoor photos in the beautiful Bergisches Land and show off those alloy (as opposed to the cheap steel) toeclips! And a nice ride report (perhaps linked to a visit to Herr Krautscheid?).