Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The BIG Plan

If I write it then it will, it must, happen!

1. Finish packing all I can - TODAY!
2. Phone the Council Tax for the 50th time to try to get them to understand that Germany isn't in the UK!
3. Get out in the bike.

3. 6 AM cycle ride on Wednesday 14th. 4 hours.
4. Drive to Mum's for the fare-thee-well (and some proper food!)

5. Collect the Spinning bike from Ormskirk (for Mum!)
6. Pretend to test the Spinning bike but really get in a training session in front of the TV.

7. Go for a long Lancastrian ride - Stoney Lane (Parbold Hill)... you shall be MINE!
8. Collect Nadja from Manchester Airport.
9. Get ignored for two days as Nadja and Mum chat all weekend!

10. Do whatever I'm told to do!

11. as 10!
12. Drive back to London.

13. Early morning ride
14. Pub lunch with friends who really only want to chat to Nadja.
15. eBay bed collection - part 3!
16. Final, last minute, desperate pack - Not forgetting to leave the important stuff for the car (bike, cycling kit, track pump, change of ....)

17. Full check of bike and kit in preparation for the Action Medical Research London to Paris Cycle challange.
18... Quality time with Nadja,

19. A very early drop-off at stansted for Nadja,
20. Pack Car for London-to-Paris.
21. Collect Paul Shelley and bike.
22. Drove to Blackheath, London.
23. register for event. hand over bike (see you soon, baby).
24. Eat, sleep, eat again!

25. Day 1: 110 miles from London to Calais.

26. Day 2: 120 Miles from Calais to Amiens.

27. Day 3: 100 miles from Amiens to Paris.

28. Watch the Tour de France finish in Paris. Cav's nth stage win!
29. Don't be late again for the Eurostar!

30. Removal company arrive for collection of all my worldly goods.

31. End of Tennancy cleaning company arrive at 8 am.
32. Nadja flies into Stansted.

33. FAREWELL to the UK! We drive to Germany to begin our new life together!

Thursday 29th July, 2010....
Collect the keys to our very first house.



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  1. Sounds like a plan, but I don't see much reckoning for Murphy's Law!