Thursday, 30 December 2010

Long time no post!

Well five months later...

A brief summary of life in Germany... the pros and cons in 5 minutes of typing before I start sanding the wooden bits for the living room.

Pros: Ah, to be living with the wonderful N after 2 years of London Stansted to Koeln-Bonn (with thanks to
Cons: none whatsoever.

Pros: The new job is wonderfully chaotic but the overall experience of helping to develop a new school is positive.
Cons: the commute is simply awful - 30 miles needs 90 minutes to guarantee arrival for 7.45 AM - NRW sort out your traffic management system (if you have one?)

Pros: The new house - my first - is simply stunning and the gardens are splendidly tranquil.
Cons: none other than the big debate over who has which room!

Pros: Neunkirchen-Seelscheid is a wonderful village to set up home. It has everything one could wish for and an amazing gym ( for a population of under 20 000.
Cons: the local Aldi manager is probably the rudest man I have ever met - I do hope there is no racism behind his frankly unprofessional manner? This is why I shop elsewhere!

Pros: the terrain is simply superb for road, cross and MTB cycling. excellent road surfaces, very few cars, courteous drivers (astonishingly so when compared to London/Essex), the scenery is beautiful. I don't think I've ridden anywhere better.
Cons: the hills, the hills, the hills... Gravity thou art a heartless bitch! This 'con' may, however, have something to do with my 'passion' for the wurst und brotchen mit pilsner!

Pros: the people of NRW are very friendly indeed.
Cons: I am deeply ashamed of my traditional British stereotypes of these fine Teutonic types. Sorry.

Coming soon...

  • My Fahrrad plans for 2011 - three very rides and one amazing charity.
  • Bike reviews and a snap shot of the local Radsport scene (as soon as I find it?)
  • My Study plans - An Open University Mathematics degree here I come (and the Science Ed' Masters needs finishing - eek!)
  • Local routes with iPhone 4 pics - should the thing ever arrive!
  • Training plans for those on a 60+ hour week!
  • An honest chart of my weight loss (or gain) - 85 kg you shall be mine!
  • Can I get my BP down?
All nail-biting stuff.

Bis Bald,


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