Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Classic Racing Bike Ride: the Klassikerausfahrt 2013 Season Begins!

As Leslie, of the infamous 'Travels With a Tin Donkey' blog, has gazumped me with a daringly early publication of the ride review - he's also done a far better job than I could (I'd only end up inundating him with questions of the ilk, 'what was that blue Colnago with the eroica bottle called?' 'How do you spell ....? etc!) I thought I'd simply post a link to his site and fill my page with photo's.

This was a ride of 60 km with a blissful 190 hm and, despite the weather, a large turnout. Visit Leslie's blog for a full detailed ride review.

Here's the route, ah, the bliss, the joy of absolutely no 10%+ inclines every few km. A fine loop with two crossings of the Rhein.

As - sigh - I seem to have misplaced all my photo's, here are some of Leslie's to be getting in with... I shall post as soon as they are tracked down (hope you don't mind Leslie?)

Photo: L.Reissner (with me in red Rapha!)
The designer Aladdin's cave that is Ricci Sports - our start, finish and croissant eating point. Visit it if you can - I've never seen a bike shop quite like it.

Photo: L.Reissner
A pre-ride carb' and caffeine loading party (I had a banana!) It was comforting to see so much fine Rapha kit on display.

Photo: L. Reissner
The fine & generous 'Bauern Café',
proprietor: Kerstin Schaumloeffel.
Rheinfeldsweg 18
47259 Duisburg
Photo: N. K. Dey

A fine stopping point during a Rhein ride; the staff are friendly and the cakes and biscuits delicious (I was given a bag of the latter, gratis - later demolished by Enrico and Leslie... I had one!)

I can only reiterate my hearfelt thanks to Conrad, Carsten and all who helped make a dreary day in Dusseldorf a lot of fun.

See you all next month!

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  1. Since you were kind enough to share the biscuits, the least I can do is share the photos!