Tuesday, 8 October 2013

F. Koethke Champion 1974: A Classic Lightweight photo gallery

F. Koethke Champion 1974

Campagnolo Nuovo Record (full), Weinmann 610 Vainqueur 999 brakes (I think?), Reynolds 351 frame and forks, 3TTT bar and stem, Campagnolo seatpost (?), Campagnolo Record hubs, hubs unlabelled, Cinelli saddle.

In the pre-washed state... she had lived in a stable for a decade or two and was covered in horse hair when I picked her up!

Rather nice lugs.

Do I go for new decals?

The BIG question - who or what does 'G D' stand for?

54-46: strong guys these 70's racers!

After a gentle wash with soapy water, a rinse with the hose and a wipe with a WD-40 soaked cloth she begins to sparkle...

I really need a new head tube badge/decal!

A beautiful bike that could have been custom built for me such is the fit. Even the saddle was at the correct height... spooky!

Next job... new tubular tyres (these are in no condition to ride safely - any suggestions would be very gratefully accepted), a bar bottle holder and, possibly, a replacement set of cables (although these seem in pretty condition.)

What I really need is a lot more information the Cologne (Koeln) bicycle salesman and sometime frame builder Fritz Koethke. I understand that he himself retired in 1960? So who built this frame? Was it the mysterious G. D.?

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