Thursday, 10 March 2011

Saturday's Ride is planned... Der Erft-Radweg

Three intrepid cyclists, one Canadian, one Brit and a German will head into the foothills of the Eiffel at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning. Why? I hear you cry. Why?

The ride the Erft-Radweg...

A 110 km cycle path from the river Erft's source in Nettersheim - actually, we're starting, at the aforementioned ungodly hour, in Blankelhelm (it has rail access) - all the way to the rivers confluence with the Rhein in Neuss.

it has one of the nicest profiles that I - a somewhat heavier rider - have ever seen.

I shall report back...
All transport is by train or bike - a big green tick for us!
Did I mention the uncivilised start time?
My sincerest thank must go to Leslie Reissner - of fame - for putting his supercomputer-esque organisational skills into this. Check out his reviews on too.
The alarm is set for 6AM, the Serotta polished and oiled, the Conti's pumped and checked

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