Sunday, 2 September 2012

A competition winner... Periodically!

I'll cycle through the prize!

“le tour des Merveilles” By Johnny Joannou

I'll cycle through The Prize!

A very striking and highly imaginative 'periodic table' of Tour de France GC winners. Each cell displayed the riders initials (element) & name, year (proton or atomic number), distance of Le Tour (nucleon or mass number), and average speed (isotope, well I like to think it is!).

Such a simpe yet captivating concept, beautifully executed. Chapeaux to Johnny!

Johnny also offered me the opportunity to add a custom cell...
Science + cycling = bliss!
Huge thanks to both Anna and Johnny at, respectively,
“le tour des Merveilles” by Johnny Joannou
Anna's web site info ...

Interviews and concise cycling posts from the pocket-size cyclist and friends.

Cycling Shorts was created by Anna, a huge cycling nut. She has invited some of her cycling friends; coaches, photographers, writers and pro cyclists of all disciplines to join her to bring you all things cycling related. As the site grows [The team] intend to post interviews (often lengthy) and general cycling posts (concise) including cycling related art, design, kit, product reviews, coffee stops, nibbles, prize draws and reports from cycling events. [they] hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Cycling Shorts. will be welcoming some more high profile writers and contributors to the fold in the next few weeks.

You can also see interviews and articles by Anna and Tom at Velo UK.

As an aside ... I've been invited on board and can only hope my pedal-based-prose will live up to the high standard of penmanship already incumbent within the hallowed wals (you see, look what's already happening!)

johnny's website info ...

Time to ride!

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