Sunday, 23 December 2012

I am continuing raising money for Action Medical Research, a great children's charity dedicated to improving the health of babies and children in the UK by...
and, for Action Medical Research
I'll be fundraising, training and feeding back to you all year and will add new events as they are confirmed.
You can, should you wish to, follow my training progress here at my blog: I will also be submitting reviews to - an excellent new professional cycling blog with some fantastic contributors (oh, and me!)
I've been involved with AMR, both as fundraising participant and volunteer, since 2007 and have shared the road with many inspiring and wonderful folk - as the photographs to your left show. Together we experienced the pleasure and, lets be honest, the pain of the road: The Castle Ride (2007, 2008, 2009), London to Paris (2007, 2008, 2009 as volunteer support rider, and 2011) along with almost all of their Ride 100 century challenges (2007-2011, 2013), at one time or another. One thing that has struck me as a different is that we always received specific feedback about where the money raised has been allocated. I'll never forget the sublime feeling of riding into Paris with a few hundred other cyclists and then been told that a London hospital had already purchased the equipment they needed to further both their research and their treatment protocols - complete with photos and thanks from the doctors and staff. The heart strings were truly tugged and the soul inspired.

Here's a little bit about Action Medical research... you can read about their vital work in more detail by following the links above.
Action Medical Research's mission is to identify the very best medical research to help save and change children’s lives.  They currently fund over 70 projects across the UK. You can search by condition to find current and recent research projects to see the difference they are making.
Some of our current research projects look for new treatments to improve health for all. Health problems that occur in adults often have their origins in events at birth or in childhood. Treating childhood conditions early can also help to minimise the symptoms in adulthood. While improving diagnostic techniques, surgical procedures, and equipment such as MRI scanning will bring benefits to anyone of any age.

For almost 60 years the charity has been behind numerous breakthroughs such as the UK polio vaccine, ultrasound scanning in pregnancy, and more recently the fetal heart rate monitor a new state-of-the-art device that could help save thousands of at-risk babies.
Action Medical Research relies entirely on donations to fund a range of research projects that address serious childhood conditions and improve quality of life for children with disabilities.
You will also be supporting research to reduce premature birth, prevent pregnancy complications that threaten babies' lives, and find the best ways to care for sick and vulnerable babies.
Please tick the Gift Aid box if you are a UK tax payer as the UK Government will contribute an additional 25% on the money that I have raised.
Don't forget, you have, simply by sponsoring me for this years events, already made a positive difference to the life of a child
Thanks again.

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