Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Eurobike 2013 - Photo Set

EUROBIKE Friedrichshafen
A further taste of what goodies await you on...
This is just a tiny sample from Day 1 of this astonishing trade show.

What tales from Eurobike 2013 would you most like to hear? What interests you the most?

The following isn't really topical news but the feel of Rotor's new ovalized rings certainly made me smile. The transition from 'this is odd' to 'comfort and joy' was fairly rapid (thanks to the very knowledgeable young lady advising me.

New for 2013-14.
My cadence felt smooth and easy around 90-110 rpm and the power very consistent. I could feel a few new muscles involved so make a sensible transition As soon as I've saved up enough pennies, well Euros. I shall be adding this particular funky ring to the trusty Serotta (once I've replaced the broken fork that is!)

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