Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Paris-Roubaix Challenge 2014 - update & VIP opportunity

Paris-Roubaix, ahem, press release....

Now riding the 141 km route...

18 pavé sectors including Carrefour de l'Arbe (2.1 km), Hornaing à Wandignies (3.7 km) and le Troueé d'Arenberg (2.4 km)... Total pavé 33 km!

It looks like there's only a single mid-point feed station! Two bottles it is then!

Nico is a star... I think! What a service provide... Astonishing!

Grotty weather forecast too.. Perfect for us Flahute!

You would not believe how excited I am... Think kid locked in Hamley's toy store on Christmas eve... Carrying 4 tubes, CO2, mini pump, several bars and gels and the Go4 emergency number!

Dreamt about large and angry cobbles last night... Loved every second and refused to wake up 

Nico has six much saught after places left for the Sunday VIP Paris-Roubaix Pro race experience. He states, "...Based on our planning we might see the race 6 times - the start zone, 4 stops during the course and the finish." I can vouch for the excellence of this service and have never heard a negative comment from any of their clients.

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