Tuesday, 13 July 2010

London-2-Paris 2010 Team Kit

Oh dear... I suppose I must!

Team 'Cycling Buddies! Action Medical Research'

Rich Boon, Nigel Walsh, Gary Lane, Paul Shelley, Marc Harris & me (Team leader - going for the Lantern Rouge Classification, possible the Voitre Balai too!), Oh, and almost 590 other riders on 5 routes - just wait to see the Champs Elysée in sat 24th at 3pm - 4pm!

Here's the Kit...

Day 1: Shutt Velo Rapide Bespoke: Black-on-black-on-black. Modelled by Rich 'Zoolander' Boon (Ladies, Richard is available for major European Shows!)

Uber-thanks to Peter rex-Bragg at ShutVR. super chap and all round good guy.

But this is the pic you've all waited to see - Blue Steel!

People of the internet... I am so sorry.

Day 2: Rapha GB Country Jersey and, for me, cap.

Now, to lose about 20kg in a week!



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