Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fantasy Tour de France

The continuing adventures of Team Milky Milky Milram (lactofree) in...

After stage 8... things do not look good for the plucky 'blue cows'.

Lads you've let me down...

TEAM PERFORMANCE after stage 8:

Main Competition:
1789 (Rank 954)

Green Jersey:
231 (Rank 2493)

Mountains Jersey:
23 (Rank 5069)

Jens, great ride today, inspirational and brave - now go out an get me some points!

Jannez, janni, Janni... stop blaming Lance!

Linus - German cycling needs you - now stop doing your hair and GET A STAGE WIN!

Eddie & Tony, bide your time, it will come, you will strike, we will win, I will celebrate!

Lance... err, awful crash (x3) on stage 7. Brave ride. Go for stage wins, please, pretty please.

Sparticus, just FAB!

Cav, c'mon, like, y'know. two stage wins... mate, y'know, that's pants. C'mon, y'know!


Tomorrow, we fly!


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