Wednesday, 11 May 2011

100 km fig-of-eight training loop

Neunkirchen-Brol river-Eitorf-Windeck (cafe)-Halft-Winterscheid-Manienfeld-Feld-Neunkirchen

Distance: 100 km
Total Ascent: 1000m
description: Hills, flats, rolling, flat, hills...

Rather pleased with this as it was only the 4th training ride of the year... Huge thanks to Bernd for the company and route advice (sorry I was late!)

  1. nice warm up, with a great descent (1-5% used for leg speed drills, spin ups, etc)
  2. Split gradient climb on a wonderful bike path
  3. Fast flat - the blip in the middle denotes the cafe stop!
  4. Tough climb at 60 km - good for repeats.
  5. Beautiful descent on traffic free lanes... get your breath back!
  6. fast rolling finish... As AP always tells me... it's the final 10 % where the improvements are made!


Garmin connect info... you can download the GPX here...

 Cheers... with Erdinger Alcohol free 'isotonic' liquid bread!


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