Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm Wolverine... Healing ahead of schedule!

5 weeks have passed since the internal excisional surgery (grade II hemorrhoidectomy, bloody big thrombosis) and no more dressings are required to mop up the weeping wounds (too graphic?).

Chuffed to report that, two saunas, two Spinning classes and two runs, well, er, jogs, OK... jog-walks, have been completed over the last week-and-a-half with no unpleasant side effects (other than DOMS from the bloody running!)

Very pleased as this is 2-4 weeks ahead of the surgeons schedule. Baby steps and steady-as-she-goes are still the order of the day... and from the Boss. Energy levels are now soaring as I'm now no longer losing blood on a daily basis. A happy chappy.

I'm still astonished by the superb level of health care in Germany. Very expensive, yes. Worth it, absolutely.

Huge thanks to all staff and nurses on the 7th floor of and my most heartfelt thanks to the immensely talented Dr. Susanne Piehl and her team at the Department of Coloproctology.

In a pique of mid-life optimism the Bonn half Marathon has also been entered... April 14th. Keep your eyes peeled for number 5414 (possibly not amongst the Kenyan's!) This will be an interesting training challenge as the half-Marathon is just a week after the 200 km + Ronde van Vlaanderen Cyclosportive ( For those interested I found lots of really great training programmes on and am starting with the 10 km in 5-8 weeks programme. Hope to take part in the New Years Day 10 km in Bonn (after cycling there, of course!)

The Eleven days at the Deutsche Junior  Academy, Ostbevern, had me a little worried with respect to the wound and stitches but all went swimmingly and the the days simply flew by. Here's a little Blog about the Biomimetics course I run.

Time now to apply the finishing touches (decals) to the 1981 Faggin and, if the all-clear is given, take her for a gentle spin along the Sieg this weekend.


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