Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Tour of Sufferlandria 2014

Here it is, my 2014 season in the saddle begins in Sufferlandria (and my study!)

The 2014 Tour of Sufferlandria: an indoor cycling cycling 9 day 'tour' organised by The Sufferfest and Trainer Roads teams. My challenge was to wake the legs,  remove as much of the yuletide excess as possible and generate much needed money for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's. If a little fitness returned then even better - it did!

 After four days of riding the real world rudely intervened and I had to re-start, this disqualified me from the prize pool - and the much coveted Oakley's! Kein Problem - there's always next year!

Stage 1 (25th Jan): Rubber Glove
Stage 2 (26th): ISLAGIATT
Stage 3 (27th): Revolver
Stage 4 (28th): Hell Hath No Fury
Stage 5 (29th): Extra Shot + The Wretched
Stage 6 (30th): AVDP
Stage 7 (31st): Angels + The Hunted
Stage 8 (1st): Blender
Stage 9: (2nd): Violator

My equipment: the sublime Kinetic Rock & Roll Turbo Trainer, 'Sophia', my faithful Faggin SL classic steel steed with Garmin speed/cadence sensor, a Garmin ANT+ stick, Laptop, and all the Sufferfest videos. I also used my Garmin Edge 800 to record heart rate, cadence, speed, time, etc, and then uploaded to Strava - where there are very active Sufferfest, Tour of Sufferlandria Survivors, and Trainer Road Groups.

An example of the feedback TrainerRoad provides. The profile is preprogrammed and synchronises perfectly with the Sufferfest video. An incredibly powerful training tool and, for me, wonderfully motivating.
The above combination is by far the best indoor cycling experience I have personally experienced. There is nothing out there to challenge the cost, quality, usefulness and sheer fun that the Sufferfest and TrainerRoad combo' offer.

Thanks for popping in.


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