Monday, 23 June 2014

Knight of Sufferlandria


- 11 Sufferfest videos ridden back-to-back -
17 hours
248 km
almost 6000 kCal
15 bidons
4 avocado wraps
4 large glasses of chia seeds in water
1 Tex-Mex thin crust pizza
1 BikeFood energy gel
1 Cliff Bar
2 Chimpanzee energy bars
4 bananas
1 espresso

4 changes of kit!


from so many people
A snap shot of Mike's Sponsorship page this morning.
Such great people. You know who your are.
A special 'Chapeau!' too ...


Anna, Heather, and all the incredible team at
The UK's newest and coolest cycling site!

And so it began...

It all started at 10 am - New Zealand v England Rugby and the 2 hour 'It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time' kicked it off!
My thinking - start with a long one and all the remaining videos will seem to be over in flash!
This worked until 1 am when time seemed to slow.

The 'Pain cave' at 11am... easy peasy lemon squeezy!
The minion kept its beady on me throughout (thanks to my student Nanne for making him/her... who knows!)
My domestiques - yellow = rides completed. The Italian = suffering to come!
2 pm and all's well after a quick kit change... little did I know!

12 hours later...

2 am and in the middle of my 9th video.
There are still two to go!

Below you can see my randomly drawn sequence  - Recorded on

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Thanks again for all your support... the Tweets and facebook events page comments and updates really kept me going.
I could not have done this without your help.

Thank You.


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